The Dharma Lounge!” is a special monthly meditation gathering that includes a delicious blend of deep Stillness/GUIDED MEDITATION, illuminating Dharma talk, live music, and MysticalPOETRY (often featuring honey-drenched appearances by the premier Rumi and Hafiz reciter in the West, Eric Schneider!)

Later in the evening, we swithch gears and enjoy time of simply basking in the beauty of each other's Presence and the Divine, Loving Space we've created together (i.e., we hang out, chill, schmooz and possibly dance a bit!).

Some snacks and drinks are provided, and we encourage everyone to add to the bounty in any way you feel inspired.

Some cushions available, but please bring your own if you have one.

You can arrive as early as 7:15 and definitely try to arrive by 7:30. Sorry, no admittance after 7:45.

...hope to see you there!

What people are saying about the Dharma Lounge:

“Totally new. I’ve never experienced anything like this before…

"Cool, unique, and yummy”

"Part practice, part healing, part party...
We all left blessed,
our hearts overflowing, remembering
that we are not separate."

"Dharma Lounge was AWESOME!
"Thank you so much for tonight. Gorgeous!!! Sublime!"

"I walked out feeling 'buzzed~ blessed.' I love coming here. It made me happy as I went back into my life.”

"like marinating in stardust of the sweetest blend"

“Oh my god… so beautiful and so much fun…
It was Amazing… I love these Dharma lounges! Just incredible…"

"It was full of true spirit ~ including depth, inspiration and playfulness."

"...I went home with boundless gratitude overflowing
from my heart that couldn't help but spill over
onto my family and friends!!"

“A nexus for nice people”


"deeply profound"


“The Buddha would be proud!”


“like a Fun.. Alive… Zen Sangha."


"...such a rare, precious gift"

"Some things in life are golden. Tobin's heart is one of them.

Thank you for this reminder of the love that we are."

“It was deeply profound for me to sit, laugh and play
with such a loving and authentic community."

" Come. You won’t regret it!! It was really fun”

"So much beauty in the space!” “Such a relaxed, yummy feel. Sitting with cool people and then hanging out together after we meditated so deeply. I loved the post-meditative shoulder massages"

"Such deep practice and intimacy like after a retreat but happening in just a few short hours."

"I felt SO MUCH LOVE and SO MUCH JOY being in this space!”

"Yes, the shakti was definitely flowing at the Dharma Lounge!!!"

“everybody luvz Dharma Lounge!” “MAGICAL!!!”


"Tobin's transmission is TECHNICOLOR!!"